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Black Glue + Watercolor

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

Black Glue + Watercolor

Black Glue + Water Color

We combined a few of our favorite things: black glue, stamping, and watercolor for this simple project. The glue-paint gives your water color a little border that reins in the puddles of color. The DIY paper tube stamp makes for a stamper that even your littles can grasp. We stamped around 8 sheets of watercolor paper for this project in one sitting. Once the paint is dry fill with watercolors.

Black glue: add a few squirts of paint (any type will do) to your partially used white glue bottle and shake it up. We keep a few bottles of black glue on hand for a number of projects we do here at the lab.

Stamp: keeping it classy with a paper towel tube, bent into a heart shape

Watercolor and watercolor paper: we used liquid watercolor because thats what we have and I can easily curate colors, but any watercolor will do!


Taping the paper to cardboard makes the project feel more intentional even for little ones. It also creates a nice border and is a fun reveal at the end of a project. Give it a try!

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